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At Diva's Boudoir, we do everything we can to answer your questions. Whether you're looking for advice on a product, a size or our delivery times, our team will try to answer you as quickly as possible. Simply use one of the methods below to contact us.

Of course, if you have a pending order and would like to know its status or return a product, we'd be delighted to help you. Don't forget to bring your order number so we can find you more easily.

And last but not least, because every day we try to provide you with the best service, you can also leave us a few lines if you can't find what you're looking for. We'll do everything we can to find it for you...

Contact us by email

If you have a question that doesn't require an immediate answer, this is the easiest way. A quick email to and that's it. Don't forget to give us your order number if you have a question about a current order, and, ideally, to contact us using the same email address you used to create your account or place your order.

Contact us by chat

Do you have an urgent question? Then you can contact us via chat. During office hours, we'll try to help you live. Simply click on the chat icon at the bottom left of your screen. Don't forget to enter your email address in the short form you'll need to fill in when you open the chat window. It may happen that we're not available to answer you directly, but don't worry, your message will be forwarded to us and we'll get back to you by email.

Click here to start the chat

Contact us on our Facebook page

If you'd like some advice about a product, you can also leave us a message on our Facebook page. We'll do our best to answer your questions as quickly as possible. However, if your question concerns an order, we prefer to contact you by email or chat, which makes it easier for us to find you.

Contact us directly on this page

You can also simply contact us using this form. Whatever your question, we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Start by giving us your name:

We also need your email address, otherwise we'll have trouble getting back to you...

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For product advice, don't forget to give us the SKU below. You'll find it at the top of the product details page. On the other hand, if you contact us about an order, we'll need the number you received by email when you placed the order.

All you have to do is type your message:

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